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Collaborative Writing with AI | Tuna Fish

Are you interested in using AI to help you write? Here’s a post that shows both the fiction and non-fiction possibilities. It was my very first attempt. I’ll walk you through all of the resources that I used as well as the choices I made along the way.

Here’s my first project… I’m providing the resources and processes that I used.

1. I finally bought the monthly of ShortlyAI. They have a yearly option, which is 40% cheaper. But I opted to start with the monthly.

2. I used DuckDuckGo to find a topic. I asked what holidays were on May 2nd. I settled on World Tuna Day.

3. I used the “write a story” side to create the first part of the post. I provided the title, “What if tuna fish became extinct?”
In the story brief spot, I simply wrote “tuna fish benefits”.
Then I asked ShortlyAI to write for me. I did re-write some of what ShortlyAI wrote. And then would have it write more.

4. Then I used Frase to get questions that people were asking about Tuna Fish. I could have used another tool or simply done a search on Google. But I own Frase, so that’s what I chose to do.

5. Back to ShortlyAI – I used the “instruct /” command for each question provided by Frase.

6. As we went, I checked the facts provided by ShortlyAI. Some of the answers weren’t quite right. So I corrected with info that I found through Google and DuckDuckGo searches.

7. I obtained my featured image from Unsplash.

Overall, I’m happy with the results. It was fun to collaborate with AI.

What do you think?

Are you interested in collaborating with ShortlyAI for yourself?


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Here’s the finished post: World Tuna Day | May 2