Self imposed glass ceiling

Financial Glass Ceiling

Self-Imposed Glass Ceiling

We all have a financial glass ceiling. Although there are some factors outside of our control that imposes such a barrier, much of that barrier is self-induced. Considering we have no control over exterior influences, we may as well focus on changing those barriers that we do have control over. The self-imposed financial glass ceiling is one such barrier that we can work on breaking through.

The Serenity Prayer comes to mind:

The Serenity Prayer

What’s holding you back in business? Is it the same thing that is holding you back in other areas of your life?

We all have a self-induced “glass ceiling”. Every year that I break my own financial glass ceiling, I have 1-2 follow-up years of struggling financially.

Reticular Activating System

My reticular activating system has to kick in and make sure that my average across those 2-3 years is under my glass ceiling. So essentially, I simply create a crack in the barrier.

This system is similar to a thermostat in your home. No matter what the temperature is outside, the thermostat helps the furnace or air conditioning system keep the inside of the house at a specific temperature. When the temperature inside changes, the thermostat triggers the HVAC system to kick in. The thermostat is a regulator.

The reticular activating system (RAS) is also a regulator. It helps to keep the status quo between what the self-image is and what one’s reality is. So I have a self-image that says that I can make x-amount of money per year. When I make more than that, my RAS kicks in the following year of two to bring my financial reality back to average based on my internal self-image. My RAS is not punishing me for making more money. It is maintaining my self-image.

Frustrating Self-Awareness

Knowing this doesn’t help to shatter that glass ceiling for good. It’s maddening. Over the years, I’ve pushed through layers. But the progress is much slower than I’d like.

How have you broken through your financial glass ceilings?

Key to Breaking the Glass Ceiling?

Change the Self-Image

The only way that I know to truly break through each layer of any glass ceiling is to change my self-image. Damn. That takes internal work.

The power of positive thinking is not enough. I found that I have to believe, feel, and act as though that new self-image is true.

I have had some great success with changing my self-image. By changing my self-image, I also change my RAS. RAS has to fulfill the reality of what my self-image is. Remember RAS is simply a regulator. It regulates my reality to match my self-image.

Change your self image | change your life

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