Getting Sales without a list or an audience

How To Get Sales without an Audience

Do you have a product but no audience?

Great. You have taken action that you can now profit from. Yes, even if you don’t have an audience.

Don’t Let This Worry You

Empty seats in an auditorium

You Can Create Your Product First

I was on a thread this morning where people are cutting down someone because that person created a product without first creating an audience.

Hum. Really?

You Can Build Your Audience Second

If you have a product or service to sell, you can find the audience. That is if you based the product on what people really need and want.

How to Make Sales Without a List

Getting affiliates on board. Reaching out to Influencers. If the sales page is good and converts, ads through FB, YT, MS, Google. Ads or other postings on niche-specific forums. Social Media organic and organic website traffic work, but they take time and effort.

There is always a way if the product is good and the sales pages are persuasive.

Audience can be built first or last. It takes time either way.

Sell and promote on various platforms: Amazon, Teachable, LuLu, etc.

Celebrate The Taking of Action

The fact that the client took the initiative to create a product should be celebrated. Who cares that they did things backwards to what others think should be done?

What Makes a Business a Business?

An Audience Does Not Make a Business

Sales make a business a business. Without sales, you are running a hobby. Even the IRS states that you are not running a business but participating in a hobby if you go for too long without a profit. So you not only need sales but you also need a profit to be considered a business.

Without sales there is no business. An audience without sales is a way to be popular in social circles. It is not a business.

How Do You Bridge the Gap?

Sooner than later you must have money coming into your business. You need to sell something: a service, a product. You can sell other people’s services and products as an affiliate or a commissioned sales contractor.

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