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Idea Overwhelm While Writing?

Paradox of Choice

Having too many choices can be just as paralyzing as having writer’s block.
When working with an AI-Writing-Assistant tool, the number of ideas and directions can become overwhelming. You write a little. Then you ask your assistant to write some. But the assistant sometimes gives a bunch of ideas that perhaps you hadn’t thought of. And you become unsure as to the direction to go.
What to do?
I was creating one piece and thought that I was overwhelmed by the possible directions–at first.
Then I realized, I feared taking one direction and missing out on the others (taking one road and missing out on the other directions).
I chose one path. Instead of deleting the other stuff, I pushed it down with a bunch of paragraph spaces. That way it was at the bottom in case I wanted to use some of it later. But it was not in my way. And because it was at the bottom, it didn’t affect Shortly.
I did end up using parts of it by scrolling down and copy/paste those parts back into the main piece. Once I was done, I no longer cared about the remaining stuff at the bottom.
Are you interested in playing with this fun tool?
See the first comment for the link… Or check out how I’ve been playing with the tool at my website (second comment).