Time is Your Own When You Run a Business

Time Freedom Lifestyle

Do you recognize how special it is to be self-employed?

Your Time is Your Own

Over the decades that I’ve been in business, friends have often said, “Oh, your time is your own.”

My knee-jerk reaction to that has always been, “Yes. I can work any 60-80-hours a week that I choose.”

I just kind of missed the point… probably because I’ve almost always been self-employed.

I’ve never worked for Corporate-America. I’ve never punched a time clock. So I didn’t really know the difference.

Spontaneous Vacation

Playing Bridge in the Denver Regional

But this last week, I took off the whole week–unannounced to anyone–to play bridge in a tournament. I stayed with a friend in a hotel. And I had a great time.

For some reason, I finally got it. I didn’t have to answer to anyone. I didn’t have to ask for permission. I just, last minute, packed my bag and went.

Recognize Built-In Benefits

Just because we have always been able to do something, doesn’t mean that it is not special.

Sometimes the benefits that go unrecognized are the ones that have always been a part of our lives and our lifestyle. Because I’ve always been able to spontaneously go on vacation any time that I want, I took that benefit for granted.

When I was younger, I used to keep a bag packed at all times. I kept the bag in my car. That way if I had an opportunity to go on a long weekend getaway, I was prepared. And because I was prepared, I had many such opportunities.

Experiences Are Important Benefits

Many of the stories in our lives begin with Experiences. The hero’s journey, the rags to riches stories, inspirational stories all include Experiences. We don’t focus on material things, usually, when telling the stories of our lives.

Instead, we tell of our experiences and how those experiences changed and shaped us. Those experiences include journeys, paths we took, challenges that we overcame, and the people who were there along side us.

I’ve found that my being self-employed has enabled me to have many experiences that I might not have had if I’d have had to punch a clock all week.

Time Freedom

Time is the only commodity that we cannot get back. We can lose money. We can lose things. And we can work and regain money and things. But no matter what we do, we can never get lost time back.

Ways to Gain Time Freedom in Business

We’ve all met self-employed people who work all of the time. They never have time for anything else. That’s okay if they are truly passionate about everything that they do in their business. But most people can gain some time freedom even when they are doing what they are passionate about.

Automate Those Repetitive Tasks

Even when someone is following their passion, there are often some tasks that are not as enjoyable for them to do. And if they can automate those tasks, then they can spend more of their time doing the things that they love to do.

There Are Three Ways to Automate
  • Outsource
    • Hire others to do the repetitive tasks
    • Hire others to do household chores
  • Software Automation
    • Let software automate whenever possible
  • Word of Mouth Advertising
    • Give value, and your audience will share
    • Learn to Debate in a constructive manner

Keep in mind that you can outsource and automate parts of your personal life as well. Hire a housekeeper, a gardener, a chef… Hire out those things that do no fulfill you.

Hire Out Household Chores like ironing and snow shoveling

If you can make more money doing something that you love, then hiring out tasks that you don’t enjoy makes sense, especially if you can hire out those tasks for less money per hour than it would take you to make money in the same amount of time in your business.Concise Guides on Demand branding and contact