Want a Brand that Blends In Model copy do not be creative

Want Your Brand To Blend In?

Want a Brand that Blends in?

Of course, you do.

Everyone wants a Brand that they work hard to promote…and just blends in with the rest.

That’s what fitting in is all about. Just look like and act like every other person on this planet.

Don’t rock the boat. Don’t do anything to stand out. Don’t say anything that might get you noticed.

There ya go. Now, you’re fitting in… just fine.

Here. Now, drink this Kool-Aid! Everything is going to be just fine. Feel your eyes getting heavy. Yes. Everything is just fine.

You’re almost there. You almost completely fitting in now.
Just a little more Kool-Aid!

There ya go. Now, you’re just fine. You blend in now. Congrats

You just wasted your time and everyone else’s time as well. You were not put on this planet to just be a clone of everyone else. You have specific gifts and talents that you, and only you, bring to this life.

Stand up and take responsibility for your life. Be who you were meant to be.